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January 11, 2016 Puzzle Piece - The Necessity and Cost Effectiveness of Functional Medicine by Van Merkle DC

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January 11, 2016 Puzzle Piece

The Necessity and Cost Effectiveness of Functional Medicine
by Van Merkle DC

Science Based Nutrition (SBN) and Dr. Van Merkle will be at the Brimhall Homecoming 2016, January 29-31.

Developing a laboratory and nutrition based practice can be very time consuming and overwhelming, especially without the good tools and systems to make your practice effective, consistent and profitable.  At Dr. Brimhall’s Homecoming 2016, I’ll show you the SBN system that makes my life and other SBN doctor’s lives easier, consistent and very profitable too. 

My patients like yours, that you are adjusting, have cancer, heart disease, CFS, Limes, MS, diabetes, liver and kidney disease etc.  I routinely help people that have these diseases by treating dysfunction, not the dis-ease.  One of my major tools is lab testing because most all conditions show up in the blood long before symptoms develop.  Remember that 20% of liver, pancreatic or kidney function is all that is needed to be relatively symptoms free.  These and many other conditions are easily found with the proper laboratory testing, which is the standard of care in the Medical world.  When we give proper nutrition and functional treatment, the retest results are improved and it is accepted at face value needing no further explanation.

In the last few months we have cases of SBN members successfully taking care of patients that were diagnosed with MS, Breast cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes 1&2, neuropathy, Crohn’s disease, lung cancer, kidney cancer and kidney failure.  They did not treat or try to cure any named and blamed condition. The practitioners treated the dysfunction found on lab testing and the individuals are now stable or in remission.  The laboratory testing will guide the doctor/SBN members and provide objective proof of results to the patients.

Dr. Brett Brimhall is one of the most active SBN members (over 5 years).  He is doing a lot of laboratory testing and he is taking care of cases/patients that are every bit as difficult and serious as what I do at my clinic.  He is probably selling a high amount of nutrients and more importantly he is safely helping a lot of people with serious conditions and providing his patients objective proof of results.  Dr. Brimhall will share how he uses the Brimhall Advantage SBN Program in his practice at Homecoming 2016, as well.

At Homecoming I will be teaching laboratory testing and analysis and demonstrating the computerized reporting system.  I will elaborate on what we are doing in our practice and demonstrate the results.  We will cover the baseline testing we recommend and the way we are presenting to all of our patients to do at least once a year.   All of you doctors, your patients, family and friends should all have this baseline testing at least once a year, too. Our baseline testing includes the SBN Comprehensive blood test, cancer panel, hormone panel, BNP, INR Pt, hair test and dipstick urine testing and sometimes more testing depending on the patient history.   The annual baseline testing will be the best and most informative procedure you can do to ensure health and avoid problems.  This testing  is at an extreme discount to Brimhall Advantage SBN members.

 I will also share some of the other testing we do at our office that is not commonly done in the traditional chiropractic office like ECG, lung function, body composition, etc.

Click Here for a Brimhall Sample Report

If time permits, I’ll also share about what we are doing concerning oral chelation and dealing with heavy metals and testing for chemical toxicity.

There is no better time to be in CASH practice than now, especially with the Affordable Care Act.  Everyone has at least a $3-5,000.00 deductible.  I take care of most of our patients for an entire year for less than their deductible and they get healthier as well.  These results are evidence based with before and after testing.

In 2015, my clinic in Dayton, Ohio grossed $1,245,416.29. This was ALL CASH - Zero accounts receivable and no insurance billing!  I expect to do at least 10% more in 2016.  I see patients 2 days a month and I have 3 associate doctors, with the newest one starting about 6 months ago.   I’ll share with you, during the Brimhall Homecoming, some of the things we have planned for my office in Dayton Ohio. 

2016 can be your best year ever, but it is up to you to get moving and make it happen.  How could you possibly think of missing this year’s Integrative Functional Seminar?

Yours in Health and Wellness,

John W Brimhall, BA, BS, DC, FIAMA, DIBAK, Formulator and Patent holder.

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