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July 20, 2015 Puzzle Piece - New COMBINED Homeopathic Remedies/Treatment for Heavy Metals, Halides and Other Toxins

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 New COMBINED Homeopathic Remedies/Treatment for Heavy Metals, Halides and Other Toxins

July 20, 2015 Puzzle Piece

One of the Six Steps to Wellness is to eliminate heavy metals and other toxins.  This is a NEW protocol to assist in that step.

We have simplified this protocol by combining many heavy metal homeopathic remedies in one formula called Opti-Metal Detox.  The second remedy is called Opti-Enviro Detox, which addresses the Halides and other potential toxic precursors.

As in any testing procedure, make sure the patient is testable and not switched.  If a strong muscle goes weak when you touch the bridge of the nose, they are testable.  If they do not weaken, they are locked up and they need the multipolar magnet and Opti-Adrenal for sure.  What I have discovered these past few years, is when you give them the correct detox formula, almost everyone becomes testable.  I postulate that the toxins in the brain have locked them up.

The brain will not therapy localize (TL) most of the time.  For instance, see if any lobe of the brain will therapy localize by touching each of the lobes, such as frontal, temporal, etc., one at a time.  Very rarely will this procedure demonstrate weakness.  When we give them the appropriate homeopathic remedy, the involved cerebellum and individual lobes TL readily.  We laser the part of the brain that now tests weak until the tested muscle goes strong.

The next procedure is to see if the patient weakens by touching K27 bilaterally, which is at the inferior junction of the collar bone and sternum.  If they get weak, this is one form of switching.  For further diagnosis and treatment, see if a computer or cell phone weakens a strong muscle as you place it in their energy field.  If so, put a multipolar magnet on them, which almost always will strengthen them, even while in the electromagnetic field of the phone, hair dryer or computer.  They need to wear the bipolar magnet on the body all day long. 

Now test for adrenal stress by a muscle stretch.  Test an individual or group muscle that is strong.  Stretch that muscle or group of muscles to see if this challenge causes a weakening.  If so, give them Opti-Adrenal under the tongue.  This will strengthen them and indicates a daily need for Opti-Adrenal for stress and the presence of what Hans Selye, MD called the General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS).  The usual dosage is one-to-three per day.  Since Opti-Adrenal, like all OHS products, is non-GMO, organic, pre-digested whole food, it takes less and is more synergistic than any other adrenal support nutrient I have ever tested/used.

Next, test the patient for the OHS Homeopathic heavy metal combination called Opti-Metals Detox or Opti-Enviro Detox. Test a strong muscle and then place the homeopathic metal detox homochord in the patient’s energy field to see if it weakens a muscle.  If it does, this is an indicator they need that remedy.  This finding is unique to homeopathic testing.  The one they need will make them weak.  The exact dosage will then strengthen them.   Now test for how many drops neutralize the weakness and that is their dosage per time.  Then test to see how many times per day it is indicated.  Usually it is one-to-three drops per dosage in the beginning and one-to-three times per day.

To repeat what I mentioned about treatment, you laser each area involved of the brain that will now therapy localize.  Start with the side of the cerebellum that TL’s at this time and laser until the weakened muscle strengthens.  If you stay too long, the weak muscle will strengthen and then go weak again.  Just stop immediately and the muscle will reset.

If we use the Quantum laser with its 40 mw’s of red  laser diode power and 40 mw’s of infrared laser diode wavelength and its 20 five mw violet LED’s, the treatment time is 15 to 30 seconds.  If we use our 6.1 watt LZR7’s ZX2, we are there one to three seconds.  Remember you measure the amount of work being accomplished in jewels of energy when talking about laser.  One thousand mw = one watt.  One watt of laser energy for one second is one jewel of energy.  Therefore, 6 watts for one second is 6 jewels of healing power.  It is truly amazing!

Go to or call 866-338-4883 for any questions or clarifications on the Quantum laser ($3, 100) and training DVD’s are available, as well as information on the ZX2 (9,995) Brimhall Doctors cost, which is a 2, 000 dollar savings.


If you stopped at this point, you have created major improvements in the patient, including increased ranges of motion, balancing leg checks, strengthening previous weak muscles and decreased pain, etc. But we do not stop here; it is just the beginning for those following the Brimhall Protocols. We now test and correct structural, visceral, craniosacral and neuromuscular imbalances at this point.  In our office we use the VibraCussor and the ArthroStim for structural and fascial correction.  Again you can go to for answers to many questions, training DVD’s, recorded webinars etc.

We send the patient home with the homeopathic remedy that challenged and have them take one-to-three drops, up to three times per day, according to muscle response testing. We also have each patient take one to three of the Optimal Liver/Kidney formulas to help the body eliminate the heavy metals that have been released from the cells by the homeopathic remedies.  We have them take Optimal EFA, the essential fatty acid from algae that also helps release the toxins from the body.

In the old system of testing/treating, we had individual homeopathic metals to test and treat one at a time.  We found when we cleared one metal, others would show and usually only one at a time, utilizing the previously discussed procedure.  With these new formulas, the second needed metal, halide or toxic precursor is already there.  The body will then go on display if another toxin needs treatment.  You will send them home to take orally the remedy that tested that day.  You will have them stay on that remedy for at least 30-90 days.  If the patient tests for the second remedy the next appointment, you can have them on both remedies, with proper dosages according to your testing. 

At this point you can do a Total Person Scan with muscle response testing and discover which organs and systems need nutritional support. You may uncover hidden weakness after exposing and releasing the toxic substances with the homeopathic remedies.  We send them home with the needed OHS nutrient formulas according to testing. 

We test the two homeopathic formulas each visit at the beginning of each treatment to see if it weakens strong muscles.  Therefore they should not take either remedy the day of their appointment.  You will find the patients cycle through many different contents of the formulas.  You will clear the brain areas that TL each visit.  We have seen dramatic improvement in patients with this technique.  It is important you give the support nutrients mentioned and correct any structural, fascial and visceral faults. 

It is important to do all of the steps possible for detoxification such as foot baths, far infrared saunas, Epsom salt and baking soda baths, Bemer or PEMF therapy etc.

I have been asked if it is safe to do this on really sick people or if you should treat them for a while first.  My experience shows me if we do not detoxify them, they may not improve.  I start out with this protocol on each new patient the first visit and check them each visit thereafter with this procedure.

It is important to support each cell and system at stated, structurally and nutritionally.  OHS Optimal 1-Digestion enzymes, Optimal Flora probiotics, Opti-Cleanse and Repair, Fruits and Veggies or Complete Nutrition Plus are all major considerations.  Remember the gut is the second brain and the barrier from releasing many toxins into the blood stream.  These mentioned nutrients assist in the detoxification process and in healing.

This is a protocol will help some of your toughest cases.  Like anything else, it must be followed correctly to get the desired results.  Many physicians have tried detoxification half-heartedly or without enough knowledge and become discouraged.  You have the tools and information to make a difference.

John W Brimhall, BA, BS, DC, FIAMA, DIBAK, Formulator and Patent holder.

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