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July 6, 2015 Puzzle Piece - What if YOU Could Learn from Drs. Goodheart, DeJarnette, Gonstead and Fulford?

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 What if YOU Could Learn from Drs. Goodheart, DeJarnette, Gonstead and Fulford?

July 6, 2015 Puzzle Piece

"Give people a fact or an idea and you enlighten their minds; tell them a story and you touch their souls."
~Hasidic proverb


I had the privilege to study under each of these masters and have spent my lifetime and practice of 45 years, correlating their findings and treatment to develop the "Six Steps to Wellness".  I learned and associated not only their facts but also with their stories that pushed them to excellence in discovery and treatment.  I started going to the seminars of Dr Goodheart, Gonstead and DeJarnette within my first year of Chiropractic education.  As I reflect on these experiences, I get tears in my eyes and joy in my heart.  I can't imagine having spent my life in any other way.

When I lectured for Parker College several years ago, Dr. Mancini introduced me as the Father of Wellness Care in Chiropractic.  That is truly an honorable title but it made me seem old.  Age, however has given me the privilege to study under these great doctors and healers to gain insights and techniques I would have never come close to on my own.  The motto in our seminars is "Mentoring In Miracles".  I watched these elite doctors demonstrate miracles when treating patients and sharing their many years of experience and innovations.

Dr George Goodheart (1918-2008):  Developed the system of Applied Kinesiology.  Muscles are the largest organ in the body that communicates with other organs and systems through the five contents of the intervertebral foramen.  They are the nerves, lymphatics, blood or neurovascular, acupuncture and cerebral spinal fluid (CSF).  Dr. Goodheart said muscles move bones and not the other way around.  With the balancing of the musculature through these five factors of the intervertebral foramen, it can have dramatic and long lasting favorable effects.  He also brought to light Dr. Daniel David Palmer's findings and writings that Structure rules function and that Nutrition and Emotions also greatly affect our health.  In our "Six Steps to Wellness" protocol, we added three more causes of disharmony, which are Allergies/Sensitivities, Electromagnetic Pollution, and Toxic exposures and accumulation.

Dr. Goodheart developed multiple procedures using muscle testing where you could evaluate and discover what might be wrong with a patient.  Although patient's symptoms or diagnosis may be similar, there causes may be totally different.  AK allows a practitioner to evaluate the cause of symptomatic expression and identify which systems might be involved.  It also gives multiple potential corrections, taking into consideration the many aspects taught in Applied Kinesiology. Dr Walther's book, Applied Kinesiology is 627 pages long.  I cannot do justice in a few paragraphs to AK but I can give tribute to a great mentor.  I became a DIBAK or Diplomat of the ICAK.  Dr Goodheart was the person that encouraged me to seek all truth and learn from each person I came into contact with.

Dr. Major DeJarnette (1899-1992):  Dr Goodheart is the one that convinced me to study under the Major.  He had influenced Dr Goodheart' s thinking from early on, as had his father, who was also a Chiropractor.

Dr DeJarnette was both a DO and a DC.  He developed the use of blocks to allow for non-forceful adjusting.  He broke pelvic and lumbar distortions into categories I, II and III.  He used reflexes in diagnosis and treatment that were extremely useful.  He brought the understanding of craniosacral movement and treatment to Chiropractic.  He taught the importance of the cranial sutural system on the dural meningeal mechanics that caused global effects on the spinal column, TMJ, pelvic stability, posture and neurological balance.
He developed the Occipital Fiber Analysis and Soft Tissue Reflex Techniques (CMRT).  He taught how to locate, evaluate and neutralize the Occipital Fiber indicators for vasomotor and viscerosomatic subluxations. These fibers and corrective procedures help to identify the major spinal imbalances affecting the patient's dural meningeal and autonomic nervous system.  These findings lead to many other evaluation and treatment developments.

Dr Clarence Gonstead (1898-1978):  Was a genius in mechanics, evaluation and treatment, who developed a nomenclature for identifying and correcting any pelvic or spinal subluxation.  He was very successful; the Gonstead Facility was established in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin that saw patients from all over the world. The biomechanical analysis developed by Dr Gonstead what the basis of my training at Palmer College for structural faults. He taught a five point criteria to detect and identify a vertebral subluxation.  He used visualization, instrumentation, x-rays, static and motion palpation.

Dr. Gonstead felt the body's foundation is formed by the pelvic girdle. He adjusted the pelvis and then corrected each primary subluxation from occiput to coccyx.  He taught misalignments caused imbalanced pressure on the discs and could cause neurological manifestations.  He felt the least number of corrections to restore balance was best.

He taught misalignments anywhere in the spinal column could affect other areas and cause pressure on the discs.  He felt disc health, normal spinal motion and lack of mechanical pressure was important for health and wellness.  Dr. Gonstead felt trauma of singular or accumulative incidences yielded misalignments or subluxations, which can cause spinal instability and possible neurological involvement.

Dr Gonstead identified and corrected vertebral subluxations that he felt could cause a pinching or compressing of the nerves that run through that particular area. These compressed nerves often become inflamed and impede the proper transmission of impulses to the section of the body controlled by these nerves. A seemingly endless list of ailments and pain may be brought about by these subluxations.

Dr Robert Fulford (1905-1997):  I add Dr. Fulford to the list because I was one of the only Chiropractors he allowed to take his class.  He was an osteopath that specialized in craniosacral treatment.  One of his mentors was Southerland, DO, who was the originator and developer of craniosacral treatment of modern times.

Dr Fulford was a genius and a magician of the fascia.  He developed the use of a mechanical instrument, the percussor, to mobilize the fascia and correct craniosacral lesions in minutes, which used to take up to an hour.  The fascia has no beginning or end, just like a wedding ring.  It is on the bottom of the feet and called the plantar fascia.  It surrounds the brain and is in three layers called the pia, arachnoid and the dura mater.

A restriction anywhere in the body can affect any other area.  Any injury or scar can restrict fascial flow and yield symptomatic expression widespread over the body, even in distant areas.  The fascia surrounds all areas of the body.  For instance the fascia that surrounds the heart is called the pericardium, the lungs the pleura and the fascia covering the organs is called the greater and lesser omentum, etc.

Andrew Weil, MD wrote in his books about Dr Fulford.  Dr. Fulford helped patients that no one else could in many instances.  He is credited with helping patients with recurring ear infections, seizures, TMJ, organ dysfunction, chronic pain, foot problems, and on and on.  Since the fascia is from the top to the bottom of the body and from the outside to the inside, it can affect everywhere and anywhere.  It surrounds each of the nervous systems and makes up the acupuncture meridians according to many researchers.  It generates a peizo-electric effect that transforms mechanical force into electrical energy.  Therefore if you have a fascial restriction, sometimes referred to as energy sink or energy cyst, you can cause any of the nervous systems to malfunction.

Dr. Fulford developed a complete technique to evaluate and treat fascia in all parts of the body.  He would hold the area around the restriction or energy sink, with what he referred to as the listening hand.  He would then percuss with the percussion instrument directly into the restriction with the other hand.  It works like a gentle jack hammer, releasing fascial restrictions, scar tissue, craniosacral lesions, TMJ' s, organ restrictions/congestions, subluxations, fixations and is used to correct carpal tunnel and other peripheral entrapments.

In reality, these are just a few of the doctors and techniques I have studied and taught through the years.  It has been a wonderful journey and a pleasure to serve humanity though Chiropractic!  I have formulated over two hundred nutritional products, introduced cold laser to the mases through seminars, and have lectured with some of the worlds noted natural physicians and practitioners.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our seminars.  We have DVD's that cover these mentioned techniques and others, as well as the nutritionals that have been formulated. Go to for a list of available seminars, equipment and educational materials, or call 866-338-4883.

We have an intensive three day seminar in Arizona on August 14-16, 2015 where we will teach the culmination of all of these and other techniques in an organized and usable manner.

John W Brimhall, BA, BS, DC, FIAMA, DIBAK, Formulator and Patent holder.

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