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January 23, 2023 - Long Haul Treatment Protocol


January 23, 2023 Puzzle Piece

Long Haul Treatment Protocol

COVID 19 has been a difficult problem in the acute stage and is now showing different complications as it persists.

It seems this infection has a stealth mechanism that hides its chronicity from the body and affects organs and systems undetected by the immune system until you make the body aware of this hidden degenerative process.

The acute phase has caused loss of smell and taste in many.  This verifies the cranial nerves are involved.  Our experience has demonstrated many of the cranial nerves test weak when evaluated, not just those evaluated in taste and smell.  We test all 12 for evaluation and treatment with laser and nutrition after testing and putting on display.  The cranial nerve testing and treating protocol is available in the Brimhall Manual.

There are two cranial nerves that are involved with your sense of taste. Facial nerve (CN VII), more specifically chorda tympani branch is responsible for the anterior 2/3 of your tongue. Glossopharyngeal nerve (CN IX) is responsible for the posterior 1/3 of your tongue. The Olfactory nerve (CN I) is responsible for your sense of smell.

Besides the cranial nerve involvement, we have seen, and many patients and physicians have documented there are residual organ and system involvements after the initial infection seems to dissipate. This can cause symptomatic expressions and dysfunction, including emotion instability, throughout the body for a very long time, thus called long haul COVID or long haulers.

For evaluation, we have found the best results by utilizing Muscle Response Testing with a Testing Vial Dr Marc Harris developed.  A quick overview is we make sure we have an intact muscle to test that is strong. We hand the Harris testing vial to the patient.  If they get weak while holding the vial, we suspect this patient to have long haul involvement.  Most patients demonstrate weakness to almost all muscles while holding this vial if they test positive to it.

Dr Harris has developed a Second Treatment Vial. You place one drop of this vial contents under the tongue. If the suspected condition is involved, the muscles go strong that had been weakened by holding the first (testing) vial. The next step is to Therapy Localize (TL) the organs and systems to see if the patient goes weak again.  For example, if you touch the liver area and a strong muscle goes weak, you suspect there are residual effects from the original exposure of the Covid-19 virus that has set a long haul set of symptomatic expressions to the liver energetically.  If you TL the Liver reflex after giving 1 drop from the treatment vial and the patient remains strong, you suspect the liver area not to be involved.

We frequently find 3-6 areas of involvement by using this evaluation method.  We then treat this area with specific OHS nutrition, spinal adjustments, fascial percussion, lymphatic drainage, craniosacral, laser, detoxication and emotional support from the Feelings Buried Alive book.

We use the 5 Factors of Central Integration as the primary correction protocol with the color chart (eyes), tuning forks (ears hearing/vibration) and tapping (with the Arthro-Stim) the spine, using the narrow fork to treat each segment of the spine and the wide attachment to tap all of the Bladder Meridian from 7c to S2.


We have used Opti-Immune VRL at one capsule to two, three times per day with each patient that has COVID 19 in the acute or chronic stage.  With the Liver TL in this scenario, we would recommend OHS Liver-Kidneyoptimal_liver_kidney_sm at one capsule two to three times per day, along with the other stated treatment above.  If the heart area Therapy Localizes (TL), we would test for Opti-Heart. 


If the Lung area has a positive TL, we would test for Opti-Lung. 

If the Eyes showed involvement, we would test for Essential Protectessential_protect_sm to strengthen the weak reflex and the eyes.  When the nutrition strengthens the weakness, we have found the nutrition, along with the other mentioned treatment, will assist the body in healing with its natural and innate capabilities.

At Homecoming, we will demonstrate each of the processes outlined in this article.  When the patient tests positive to the testing vial, that vial is not sent home with the patient.  If the one drop of the treatment vial strengthens the patient, this vial may be sent home with the patient and used at only one drop per day for one week.  Do not overuse this remedy.  One drop per day for one week should be adequate.

The OHS nutrition however may be needed for two to three months to support the affected organs or systems.  Opti-Adrenal may be needed for much longer.  We have seen a high number of patients with adrenal involvement.  Adrenal support is necessary for structural and emotional stability.

At HC, Dr John Brimhall will demonstrate all of the structural, emotional, craniosacral, visceral adjustments or techniques associated with the protocol.

This Long-Haul condition can be involved in all ages and in conjunction with many other symptomatic complaints throughout the spectrum.

Yours in Health and Wellness,
John W Brimhall, DC, BA, BS, FIAMA, DIBAK

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