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December 22, 2014 Puzzle Piece  



    INFLAMMATION is a major underlying factor in these conditions and most of the patients have DIABESITY, which is Diabetes and Obesity added together.  The word was formulated and the concepts brought to light in Francine R. Kaufman MD’s book, DIABESITY.

The only good answer to inflammation and these conditions is to create WELLNESS WITH A WHOLE PERSON and TOTAL SYSTEMS APPROACH.  We call it the” Six Steps to Wellness” and Dr Garry Gordon’s approach is called the “FIGHT” Program.  For health and wellness, we must look at structure, nutrition, toxins, allergies/sensitivities, stress/emotions, diet, and exercise.  We must have a system to evaluate and treat each area that is involved.  WE WILL COVER THESE APPROACHES FOR YOU AT HOMECOMING 2015 IN TEMPE, AZ.

The statistics paint the picture that one of two Americans will die of heart disease and one of three will die of cancer. Around nineteen million Americans are presently diagnosed with diabetes and it is generally well accepted that there are many cases yet undiagnosed.

The links to these situations lie in the estimation that over sixty per cent of the population of the United States is overweight.  Toxins also store in fat very easily and bad fat yields more bad fats.  This must be taken into consideration if you are going to treat the causes and not the symptoms of dIs-ease or disease.  We will cover many areas of this multi-headed obesity dragon at Homecoming with many insights and solutions for success.

Let’s look at some other statistics on diagnosed conditions.  Almost forty-three million Americans have a diagnosis of some type of arthritis.  Around 28 million have been diagnosed with osteoporosis.  Over one hundred million have been diagnosed with depression, with the majority being treated with drugs to mask or cover the symptoms.  It has been stated every degenerative condition has a mitochondrial resuscitation weakness.

With all of these facts and statistics, what is the solution?  I am a DC, and to me, that stands for “Doctor of Cause”.  If we are to treat health and not disease, we must treat the causes of dis-ease.  I have stated in my office and from the lecture platform many times,” We treat patients that have conditions but not the conditions that have people”. 

My license and my philosophy do not permit me to treat cancer.  Yet I can learn and implement all of the ways to promote a healthy body, with healthy organs and systems that promote health and wellness through improving function.  This approach discourages and helps prevent degenerative diseases.  This year at Homecoming, Dr Gordon, who is a DO, MD and Homeopath will give us insights on prevention and treatment DC’s may not be aware of.  Dr. Cheryl Burdette, as a Naturopath, will give us many new insights for understanding and treatment results.  She is amazing!

Dr. Merkle has an incredible approach to Functional Medicine, which is the wave of the present and the future.  If you are not on board, you are cheating yourself and your patients.   Dr Brett Brimhall, along with Dr Jessie Liebman will cover weight loss and body contouring beyond anything you have ever seen.  Dr Scott Kremer will show you how he maintains over a million dollar year practice.  Dr Krage, who also does a million dollars a year, will give you new approaches and results on extremity adjusting, laser and orthotic support.  Dr David Smaldone will give you new resources with taping.  Brandy Brimhall will give you the latest of facts and figures to keep your practice profitable, legal and compliant.

Take a look at Dr Crank’s testimony: 

To Dr. John,

I have been a chiropractor since 1985.  I have taken and done about everyone’s system in the profession.  Your protocol, with Dr. Merkle’s SBN Blood Program is the best!  My patient’s love it.  Patients are getting results like I have never seen in all my years of practice.  Most chiropractors’ practices are dying by relying on insurance companies. It is not necessary.  I got sick of waiting for my money.  If I did get paid, it was lower than what it should have been.

With your protocol, I charge all cash.  I have patient’s that don’t have the money for a $10 co-pay; but when I tell them that they need $300-700 worth of supplements, the credit card comes out after they see the computerized report and witness your protocol.  This is “great” and I love you and your staff for saving my practice.  No longer do I have to wait for insurance companies or lawyers.

The best news is my patients are getting incredible results. I tell them that they are like a car.  You can wash, wax and buff a car, BUT if you don’t work on the engine it will never work optimally.   Patients can exercise, take pills etc. but until they measure for what is really needed and given the correct nutrition and adjustments, it is only temporary.  That is, if they get any good results at all.  With the functional testing and treating, we are getting measurable and reproducible results.  They order and re-order creating residual income.

You have saved me and my practice.  I love getting incredible results!  With your supplements and protocol, I have yet to see ANYONE not respond.

Yours in health,

Gary M. Crank D.C., C.C.D.D., C.F.M.P


SEE YOU AT HOMECOMING January 23-25, 2015. 

John W Brimhall, DC, FIAMA, DIBAK

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