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November 17, 2014 Puzzle Piece There is one nutrient everyone needs every day

November 17, 2014 Puzzle Piece  


There is one nutrient everyone needs every day

This information with be discussed and elaborated on at HOMECOMING 2015

Functional Medicine, used in a general term, is geared to improving function and not chasing symptoms or treating diagnosed conditions.  However, there is one thing almost everyone needs more of and has been shown to reduce symptomatic expression, even in diagnosed conditions such as:

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There are no side-effects (other than the rare “healing crisis” when your body expels harmful, toxic and even deadly poisons from your body).
We are talking about OXYGEN.  It is a powerful natural disinfectant.  It appears to hunt down bacteria, virus, toxins and other virulent intruders.  Oxygen destroys these invaders and helps the body to flush it from your system.  This simple and abundant nutrient is nature’s invisible healer.  To be effective you have to get it into the cell.

You can go without food for weeks and live, without water for days but oxygen for only a few minutes.  There are over 6, 000 medical articles attesting to the success of oxygen therapy of various administrations.  Disease states have a hard time surviving in an adequately oxygenated environment.  Most of us are very deficient in oxygen to each of our cells. Microorganisms thrive in oxygenated depleted conditions, which set the stage for infection and inflammation.

Scientists report the optimal level of oxygen for us to breathe is 21%.  The EPA reports the air in many large industrial cities can contain as little as 10%.  That is the first strike against us.  The second is our blood can be of such poor quality, it cannot get the oxygen from the lungs into the red blood cells and into each individual cell and tissue.
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Iron, copper, B12, Folic acid etc. have to be in adequate quantity and quality In order to oxygenate our cells. We utilize the Brimhall Advantage SBN Blood testing program, with computerized reports, including specific nutrient recommendations to increase the quality of the blood and cells.  Dr Merkle will review over 4 hours of this work at Homecoming for your increased knowledge.

We use specific nutrition, such as ASEA to oxygenate the body.  Oxygen is the fountain of youth.  We are using the product ASEA as an oral and topical gel to increase oxygen to the cells and tissues.  Now OXIDATIVE MEDICINE results are available to everyone.  ASEA has only two products and they both dramatically improve the health of the skin and the organs and tissues underneath it. (Contact Jason at the Brimhall Seminar office 866- 338-4883 for specifics on acquiring ASEA.)
Dr Gary Gordon and I are using this product to allow other nutrition to be utilized to a greater ability. Almost every patient tests positive for this nutrient.  ASEA supplies abundant REDOX SIGNALING MOLECULES, which includes molecules like ozone, superoxide and H202 safely. These powerful molecules have been made stable in water for the first time in history.  Studies show this formulation increases the oxygen to the cells up to 13%.  It increases glutathione and mitochondria as well.
Cellular Oxygen Starvation is the “Perfect Storm” that breeds dis-ease.  If our cells are bathed in a toxic soup of poor food, air and toxic water, how could we be healthy?
You know all of those laundry detergents
or cleaning products that are called “oxy…?   They’re named that way because they “have the cleaning power of oxygen...”

Our body is not designed to cope with the current toxic assault of today.  At Homecoming 2015 we will discuss specific nutrition to boost the immune system such as MaX VRL, Max Immune, Probiotics, ASEA, Homeopathic detox formulas, etc.  We will discuss Far Infrared Sauna, reverse osmosis and whole house water purification systems to prevent toxic accumulation and the release of toxins.

See you January 23-25 in Tempe Arizona at Homecoming 2015.

John W Brimhall, DC, FIAMA, DIBAK


HOMECOMING JANUARY 23-25, 2015 in Tempe, Arizona
john 2 John W Brimhall, DC, FIAMA, DIBAK:  The Six Steps to Wellness, with new  insights, including advanced laser(s), the Female Brain, Male Brain, Methylation, Detoxification and Cellular Regeneration through REDOX SIGNALING MOLECULES, Mitochondrial Resuscitation, Inflammation & Autoimmune Conditions .
Brett Brett B. Brimhall, DC:  Integrating Practice Procedures to allow easy flow for Wellness Care, including weight loss and body contouring, brain balance, neurology, laser(s) in action, detox, foot baths, sauna, Craniosacral, PEMF, Power Plate... + Workshops on ALL SIX STEPS
burdette Cheryl Burdette, ND: The Triad of Gut Destruction and Immunogenicity of Foods, inflammation, symptomatic expressions & auto-immunity... with complexity recognition, evaluation and treatment.
jesse Jesse Liebman, DC on adjuncts to the Chiropractic Adjustment and the Six Steps to Wellness, with emphasis on Body Contouring, Detoxification and helping achieve the Ideal Weight and Shape.  Yes he did way over a million in services rendered and collected last year and new records in progress.
Merkle7 Van Merkle, DC, DABCI, DCBCN, CNN:  back by popular demand on Blood, Hair and Toxic Urine challenges to asses and treat the patient with exactness, based on the Scientific Literature and a computerized reporting system.  He makes patient evaluation and documentation understandable and reproducible for YOU. + Workshop
krage John Krage, DC: Did over a Million last year creating patient body balance and function, using the evaluation of the lower extremities, including feet and an extremely complete orthotic system.  He will show you evaluation, presentation and treatment including advanced laser protocols.  + Workshop
kremer2 Scott Kremer, DC on how to create the Practice of Your Dreams.  He is part of "New Beginning's and Life Coaching" He will show you the way to visualize and materialize a practice LIKE HIS, USING THE BRIMHALL PROTOCOL AND GENERATING A MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR.  Yes, he too did over a Million Dollars last year and so do many of his clients.
gary Garry Gordon, DO, MD, MD (H) will present the latest research in  Oxidative Medicine. The Free Radical  Theory of AGING is now recognized  to be wrong.  Certain Free Radicals generated by our mitochondria  such as REDOX SIGNALING MOLECULES  are essential  for OPTIMAL  Health and Longevity.  Remarkable research  document enhanced Human Performance and a 500-800% increase in intracellular Glutathione.  Therefore, this approach will  significantly improve our ability to manage EVERY  health challenge.  (including skin cancer)
david Dave Smaldone, DC is one of the leading Trainers and Chiropractors in evaluation and taping of the complicated patient.  He will teach evaluation, treatment and supportive taping. + Workshop
brandy_circle Brandy Brimhall, CPC, CMCO, CCCPC, CPCO on documentation, coding and compliance. It is a must for what you need and must know to keep current, protect you, your patient and your license.  + Workshop
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Yours in Health and Wellness,
John W. Brimhall, BA, BS, DC, FIAMA, DIBAK

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