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November 3, 2014 Puzzle Piece Dr Merkle on CLIMBING TO SUCCESS...

November 3, 2014 Puzzle Piece  



Climbing to Success is OUR THEME for the Tempe, AZ; JANUARY 23-25, 2015 Annual Brimhall Homecoming
Dr. Van Merkle is one of our speakers to assist you on this journey.
He will cover: Why and how to use Functional Testing with Blood, Hair and Toxic Urine Challenge.

I.  Belonging to the SBN Brimhall Advantage Coop Blood testing gives the practitioner up to 80% discounted     Blood Labs from both Quest and LabCorp. An example is a $ 1200 normal lab fee is typically 110 - $160 Dr.     Cost.

II.  A complete computerized color coded reporting system that prints out a Science Based Evaluation of the           Blood Test and if run at the same time, the Hair Analysis and correlates them.

III. These reports will be sent to you electronically to reduce your staff time from data entry.

IV. The reports are already analyzed, ready for you and the patients to review, with nutritional supplements and       life style suggestions for the doctor's final input.

V. There are training videos online to easily get the doctor and staff comfortable with using this online system.

VI. This on line system is referred to as a Premier Metabolic Analysis and Reporting Website.

VII. Dr. Van D Merkle will provide doctors training and tools to allow using laboratory testing, computerized            analysis, reporting and nutritional recommendations to improve outcomes in practice.

VIII. Drug interactions and likely drug induced nutrient deficiencies are covered as part of the reporting system.

IX.   This system of evaluation and reporting, with nutrient recommendation is evidence based and is backed by         the scientific literature that is constantly updated.

X.     YOU CAN'T REMEMBER EVERYTHING. SBN has 2 patents and a direct quote from the patent, "The last         100 years have produced a tremendous volume of knowledge of the human body, its disease processes         and the treatment of many disease processes using alternative natural care, including dietary modification         and vitamin and nutrient supplement. It is not possible for any individual practitioner to remember all of the         analyte levels and the relationships and variables of the different tests as well as interpret the meaning of         all the relationships and variables of the different tests that are available with current medical testing                technology.

XI.   Accordingly, computerized medical diagnostic systems and methods have been developed.

XII.  SBN can help you be more objective in your testing, reporting and objective results is crucial in evidenced        based care. SBN will help you be consistent, efficient and quite likely more profitable.


SBN does more than just provide the most advanced and comprehensive color coded report with nutritional recommendations. SBN has a proven system with over 11 years of service to the profession. SBN is a co-op for laboratory testing with LabCorp, Quest and Doctor's Data. You will get greatly discounted pricing. When done though SBN, these labs are electronically sent and entered into the SBN system to reduce your staff time from data entry. Then the report is already analyzed ready for you and the patients to review.
To be crystal clear from this beginning, the SBN reporting system does not treat any disease. Our job as functional practitioners is to assist the patient to be as healthy as possible and improve function. If the patient gets healthy enough, does it really matter the name of the disease?




HOMECOMING JANUARY 23-25, 2015 in Tempe, Arizona
john 2 John W Brimhall, DC, FIAMA, DIBAK:  The Six Steps to Wellness, with new  insights, including advanced laser(s), the Female Brain, Male Brain, Methylation, Detoxification and Cellular Regeneration through REDOX SIGNALING MOLECULES, Mitochondrial Resuscitation, Inflammation & Autoimmune Conditions .
Brett Brett B. Brimhall, DC:  Integrating Practice Procedures to allow easy flow for Wellness Care, including weight loss and body contouring, brain balance, neurology, laser(s) in action, detox, foot baths, sauna, Craniosacral, PEMF, Power Plate... + Workshops on ALL SIX STEPS
burdette Cheryl Burdette, ND: The Triad of Gut Destruction and Immunogenicity of Foods, inflammation, symptomatic expressions & auto-immunity... with complexity recognition, evaluation and treatment.
FraceRyan Ryan Frace, MS: The 12 most common nutrient considerations in practice, with the latest research and new innovative nutrition to back it up. Insights on products that are ONLY sold to Professionals!
jesse Jesse Liebman, DC on adjuncts to the Chiropractic Adjustment and the Six Steps to Wellness, with emphasis on Body Contouring, Detoxification and helping achieve the Ideal Weight and Shape.  Yes he did way over a million in services rendered and collected last year and new records in progress.
Merkle7 Van Merkle, DC, DABCI, DCBCN, CNN:  back by popular demand on Blood, Hair and Toxic Urine challenges to asses and treat the patient with exactness, based on the Scientific Literature and a computerized reporting system.  He makes patient evaluation and documentation understandable and reproducible for YOU. + Workshop
krage John Krage, DC: Did over a Million last year creating patient body balance and function, using the evaluation of the lower extremities, including feet and an extremely complete orthotic system.  He will show you evaluation, presentation and treatment including advanced laser protocols.  + Workshop
kremer2 Scott Kremer, DC on how to create the Practice of Your Dreams.  He is part of "New Beginning's and Life Coaching" He will show you the way to visualize and materialize a practice LIKE HIS, USING THE BRIMHALL PROTOCOL AND GENERATING A MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR.  Yes, he too did over a Million Dollars last year and so do many of his clients.
gary Garry Gordon, DO, MD, MD (H) will present the latest research in  Oxidative Medicine. The Free Radical  Theory of AGING is now recognized  to be wrong.  Certain Free Radicals generated by our mitochondria  such as REDOX SIGNALING MOLECULES  are essential  for OPTIMAL  Health and Longevity.  Remarkable research  document enhanced Human Performance and a 500-800% increase in intracellular Glutathione.  Therefore, this approach will  significantly improve our ability to manage EVERY  health challenge.  (including skin cancer)
david Dave Smaldone, DC is one of the leading Trainers and Chiropractors in evaluation and taping of the complicated patient.  He will teach evaluation, treatment and supportive taping. + Workshop
brandy_circle Brandy Brimhall, CPC, CMCO, CCCPC, CPCO on documentation, coding and compliance. It is a must for what you need and must know to keep current, protect you, your patient and your license.  + Workshop
Click Here For Brimhall and Merkle Webinar Replay
Click here to Download the SBN Form
Yours in Health and Wellness,
John W. Brimhall, BA, BS, DC, FIAMA, DIBAK

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