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October 6, 2014 Puzzle Piece The Triad of Gut Destruction and Immunogenicity of Foods

October 6, 2014 Puzzle Piece  


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The Triad of Gut Destruction and Immunogenicity of Foods

by Cheryl Burdette, ND


The gut is the major interface to the outside world. It is our first line of defense as well as where our first exposure happens. It is where we decide if we are immune tolerant of the world or inflamed by the world. Recent research by Dr. Fasano demonstrates that the inflammatory contribution from the gut results in a host of systemic conditions, from neurologic to auto-immune but even contributing to diabetes and some cancers. He also affirms that movement away from a disease centered paradigm is possible by recognizing underlying processes that are occurring before pathology is evident. We will review highly evidenced biomarkers that map care. The gut is our window to prevention and remission. By addressing the triggers of histamine, pathogens and food sensitivities, as well as the body's ability to handle the assault, through enzymes such as diamine oxidase that degrade histamine, we can halt inflammation and truly practice healthcare and promote wellness.1-29

Objectives discussed for Homecoming Presentation:

1)    To understand the extensive influence the gut has on a myriad of pathologies not limited to the GI system. We will review the systemic inflammatory pathways that are triggered from gut health.

2)    To understand and be able to actualize the use of cutting-edge biomarkers such as Zonulin, Diamine oxidase, stool culture assessment and C3d/IgG food sensitivity assessment as they result to inflammatory process and pathology.

3)    Review the research and evaluate the strength of the literature as it applies to biomarkers and successful natural modulation of these markers.

4)    Review medications used in gastroenterology and their effects on diamine oxidase as well as Zonulin and LPS. We will cover PPIs, antibiotics as well as antidepressants and their gut effects.

3. Relevance to the medical profession.

This case based presentation will focus on biomarkers that enhance clinical direction and help in selecting appropriate treatments. Understanding biomarkers can't help to direct length of treatment as well as dosing of therapies.

4. Brief Speaker Bio

Dr. Cheryl Burdette, ND is chief scientific advisor of Dunwoody Labs. She is the Educational director, clinician and runs a residency program for NDs at Progressive Medical, one of the largest integrative clinics in the country. She serves on IRBs, and is an author in the book, "Laboratory Evaluations of Molecular Medicine." Dr. Burdette lectures extensively nationally and internationally. She graduated from Bastry University in 2001, and she completed her residency at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Her marriage between laboratory director and clinical practice give her a unique perspective in functional medicine treatment and testing.

Brief Outline of Course

I.    Breast Milk And Leaky Gut

A.  Constituents of Breast Milk

B.    Application of breast milk compounds to clinical practice

C.    Diamine Oxidase and its protective effects on the gut

D.  Diamine Oxidase and its importance on other systemic pathology such as headaches, arrhythmia, depression

II.         Zonulin and Leaky Gut

A.  Pathophysiology of Zonulin

B.    Conditions Associated with Zonulin

C.    Treatments for Zonulin

III.      LPS

A.  Bacterial Endotoxin and its Meaning

B.    Cardiovascular Disease and LPS

C.    Athletes and LPS

IV.   Leaky Gut and Immunogenicity of Foods

A.    Factors that Increase Immunogenicity of Foods

B.    Measurements of IgG and What They Tell Us

C.    Measurements of Complement and What it Tells Us

D.    Treatments For Improving Gut Health and Permeability


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Cheryl Burdette, ND: The Triad of Gut Destruction and Immunogenicity of Foods, inflammation, symptomatic expressions & auto-immunity... with complexity recognition, evaluation and treatment.

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Yours in Health and Wellness,
John W. Brimhall, BA, BS, DC, FIAMA, DIBAK

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