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June 30, 2014 Puzzle Piece Dr. Brimhall's Presentation at - ICAK June 2014

June 30, 2014 Puzzle Piece  


Dr. Brimhall's Presentation at - ICAK June 2014


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Total Health Scan Chart

Testing for Heavy Metals

Test each patient first for a Homeopathic heavy metal, such as Max Lead, MaX Uranium etc. after you make sure they are testable with Adrenal supporting nutrients and the multipolar magnet. Now test to make sure you are testing a strong muscle. The homeopathic metal that makes the patient weak when placed in the patient’s energy field is the one they need to take orally. Test to see if Fish Oil or Krill Oil negates the weakness caused by the homeopathic homochord metal.

You will give them one to three drops of the homeopathic homochord heavy metal, such as MaX Copper, that challenged at this time. The patient will now be testable, even if locked up, neurologically disorganized or switched on challenge before administration of the homeopathic remedy. You can now therapy localize each part of the brain, starting with the right and left cerebellum. Each lobe that new yields weakness to a previous strong muscle, when touched (therapy localized), now needs to be lasered 30 to 60 seconds. We use the Quantum laser with its 40 mw’s of red laser diode power and 40 mw’s of infra-red laser diode wavelength and its 20 five mw violet LED’s. Go to or call 866-338-4883 for any questions or clarifications on the laser and training DVD’s are available. Most any quality laser will be effective.

If you stopped at this point, you have created major improvements in the patient most of the time, including increased ranges of motion, balancing leg checks, strengthening previous weak muscles etc. But we do not stop here, it is just our beginning. We then test and correct structural, visceral, craniosacral and neuromuscular imbalances at this point. In our office, we use the VibroCussor and the ArthroStim for structural and fascial correction. We also have training DVD’s available through my office.

We send the patient home with the first homeopathic metal that challenged and have them take one to three drops, up to three times per day according to muscle response testing. We also have each patient take one to three of the nutraceutical CheleX or other chelation products to help the body release the heavy metal that tested and the other metals that release do to unlocking of this heavy metal cascade.

We have them take the essential fatty acid that tested at one, two to three times per day, which is usually flax, fish or krill oil. At this point you can do a Total Person Scan or evaluation and you will find organs and systems that need nutritional support. You may uncover many hidden weakness after exposing the toxic metal. Depending on your practice, you can do this scan on the first to third visit for a new patient. We do a Total Health Scan and send them home with the appropriate nutrition on the first to second visit because we have a reputation for doing nutrition. We test each patient for nutrition every thirty days and adjust their nutrition according to this new evaluation.

What has given us the most dramatic results is to test each patient, each time they come in for heavy metals and toxic halogens. We give them the homeopathic remedies that test positive that day during treatment, one to three drops of the homeopathic metal and/or halogen homeopathic. This continues to uncover hidden weaknesses and amplifies our treatment results. We always laser the areas of the brain that therapy localize after the administration of the homeopathic remedy. We do not send them home with the homeopathic metal that test on daily visits. They continue on their previous nutritional support until their 30 day re-test.

It is important to do all of the things you normally do for detoxification such as foot baths, far infrared saunas, Epsom salt and baking soda baths etc. Also use support nutrition like adrenal formulas, vitamin C, and other nutrients that help toxic elimination.

A question I get very often, is do I dare do this technique and heavy metal challenge/treatment on really sick people, especially with leaky guts, before I get them strong enough to detox? Should I get the gut healed first with, L-glutamine formulas, probiotics and enzymes before I release the heavy metals? Our experience, on the worst of cases, shows us the homeopathic heavy metal and the above nutrition is the place to start all together. The gut is the second brain and contains over 80% of the immune system. You need to detoxify and heal simultaneously. I personally think it is a very important key to discover and release the heavy metals and other toxins while supporting healing of the organs and systems. This protocol and concept allows the patient to progress and in many cases to overcome many of the limiting dis-eases and their symptomatic expressions otherwise unaffected.

Toxic Halogen Testing and Treatment

To challenge for the need of homeopathic halogen homochords, we test the patient by putting iodine on the tongue to see if this makes a previously strong muscle weak. IF THE PATIENT WEAKENS, WE SEE WHICH OF THE HALOGEN HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES STRENGTHENS THAT WEAKNESS. Or you could remove the iodine, which will allow the patient to be strong again. You then see which one of the halogen homeopathic remedies would now weaken them from the choices of MaX Fluorine, Chlorine or Bromine.

Most often the patient will weaken to one of the halogen homeopathic remedies. Most patients have BIO-ACCUMULATED ALL THREE. Therefore we send them home with all three remedies. WE HAVE THEM TAKE ONE TO THREE DROPS EACH MORNING (of one remedy only) before they take ONE IODINE of 12.5 mg of potassium iodide. We have them rotate one halogen remedy each day utilizing each of the three homeopathic remedies. We have them take the three remedies long term due to the continual high exposure rate of CHLORINE, FLUORINE and BROMINE in our environment. If they can self-test, they can see which remedy the body chooses for that day. If not, we have them rotate the homeopathic homochords at one remedy per day as stated.

It is best if an iodine-Challenge Test could be accomplished through lab testing to verify your muscle testing response. I highly recommend the book by David Brownstein, MD and Guy Abraham, MD called “Iodine, Why You Need It, Why You Can't Live Without It. He will give you lab choices and explain the procedure. In the book, they cite many studies and research papers demonstrating CURRENT LAB FINDINGS prove OVER 90% OF AMERICANS are IODINE DEFICIENT. The patient should excrete 90 % of the 50 mg's of iodine administered over the next 24 hour period. Rarely is that accomplished according Drs. Brownstein and Abraham. Dr Jay Mead, MD of Labrix Labs confirms this fact in his many hundreds of iodine tests he has done at his lab.

The brain will now show areas that need to be lasered after the administration of the halogen homeopathic remedy that tested. Treat as you did with the heavy metal procedure. You always find out which cerebellar area needs lasered first and then go to the opposite cerebrum and test the temporal and parietal lobes. The go back to the side the cerebellum was treated to test those temporal and parietal lobes. Then test the occipital and frontal lobes, followed by the sagittal suture to monitor the great white commissure. The brain stem may therapy localize as well as the heart. Many emotions are triggered by heavy metals and other toxic accumulations.

We look forward to seeing you soon.
Yours in Health and Wellness,
John W. Brimhall, BA, BS, DC, FIAMA, DIBAK

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