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May 12, 2014 Puzzle Piece Practice Essentials Where to Learn the Behind-the-Scenes Components of Practice

May 12, 2014 Puzzle Piece  


Practice Essentials
Where to Learn the Behind-the-Scenes Components of Practice

There are so many different things that doctors and staff must learn about, train on and effectively implement and maintain in order to be current with all of the demands on practices today.  To aid with that greater understanding and training for your office, Brandy has just recorded 6 brand new PowerPoint presentations with audio on the subjects listed below.  There are several more topics scheduled to be released soon as well.  Take a look at what is available so far:
Understanding the Language of Coding
Confident coding requires a solid grasp of the foundation behind coding.  Coding is so vitally important to every type of practice.  In fact, in 2007 the very first coder was penalized for inappropriate coding.  In this session we'll connect the dots to the uncertainties of coding.  This session will help every doctor, every coder/biller and any staff person doing data entry or taking patient notes have a more clear understanding of the coding language.  These tools will clarify your use of and improve your confidence in coding in your practice for every code set that we currently use or will use.
Understanding and Implementing Compliance, Part I
This session introduces and will demonstrate the importance of  HIPAA, OSHA and Compliance Programs to your practice.  Not only will you have a greater understanding of HIPAA, OSHA and Compliance in general, you will also be given basic step-by-step protocol to easily follow so as to evaluate the compliance within your practice and develop a plan of action to move toward complete Compliance. 
The overwhelm and uncertainty in Compliance planning is what holds many practices back from addressing this increasingly necessary guideline for patient and practice protection.  This session will offer greater understanding and more order to help practices as they work toward implementing Compliance policies.
Coding for Laser Therapy
This session defines proper code usage when performing laser therapy services.  Documentation is also a critical component to correct coding for laser therapy so as to clearly verify that the service was performed and was medically necessary.  Documentation guidelines for laser coding are also covered in detail during this presentation. 
Taking Control of Accounts Receivable
Accounts Receivable and collections for practices tend to be a necessary duty that is too often set to the side or overlooked in many practices.  Not only will this session explain the value of your Accounts Receivable but you will also learn recommended steps for improving your practice AR, tips for establishing manageable systems that work regularly with your practice flow and maintaining your Accounts Receivable. 
Unmanaged or improperly managed AR can be overwhelming but is also quite costly to a practice.  Your AR statistics are also a great diagnostic tool for your practice that should be recognized and utilized.
Professional Use of Social Media Followed by Cloud Computing
An estimated 92% of Medical Boards have received complaints regarding Social Media.  While Social Media is a great way to reach out and network with existing and potential new patients.  Basic guidelines are in place that outline professional standards for Social Media.  Practices must be aware of and implement policy to meet these professional standards and avoid potential complaints and costly penalties.
Additionally, this session will outline the benefits and risks of cloud computing.  While this is the direction that technology is taking in housing protected data, practices should have an understanding of how it all works so they may best ensure the security of patient and practice data.
Understanding ICD-10
The transition in diagnoses coding from ICD-9 to ICD-10 comes with many steps to be followed so as to make as smooth of a transition as possible.  The number of codes to be used by Chiropractic practices will more than quadruple and codes will vary from visit to visit in many cases. 
This means that preparation for this significant change will be very impactful to practices and there are many unknown potential obstacles that we may face when this implementation occurs.  We must begin to prepare now so as to give ourselves the greatest chance for ICD-10 readiness and avoid as many cash-flow interrupting  and time losing obstacles that are expected. 
This session gives an excellent introduction to ICD-10 with examples of the actual ICD-9 to ICD-10 conversion.  Also, you will learn of the many expected obstacles that may be faced followed by step-by-step protocol in which to follow so as to best prepare your practice.  See also the ICD-10 preparation time line to see what you should be working on at every stage between now and the designated implementation date.  It is never too soon to begin with this enormous task!
Each of the PowerPoint/Audio sessions described above are available at or by calling Jason at 866-338-4883.
Additional presentations soon to be released include the following topics:
HIPAA Privacy & Security Policies - Compliance Part II
OSHA Compliance - Compliance Part III
Chiropractic Practice Compliance Plans, Putting it All Together - Compliance Part IV
Audit Protection & Prevention
-Find out what your claims are revealing!
Documenting with Confidence
-Understanding documentation guidelines for the Chiropractic Practice
ICD-9 Coding - Let's Code!
ICD-10 Coding - Let's Code!
Conducting a Risk Assessment
-How to thoroughly evaluate the functionality, efficiency and compliance of your practice in effort to reduce errors and oversights
The Chiropractic Practice Business Plan
-A great starting point for the new doctor or student
Understanding the Language of Coding, Part II

Yours in Health and Wellness,
John W. Brimhall, BA, BS, DC, FIAMA, DIBAK

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