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February 24 2014 - The Eyes Unlock Hidden Problems Part II ''Brainstem"

February 10, 2014 Puzzle Piece

The Eyes Unlock Hidden Problems Part II ''Brainstem"

We have part one on a link if you need to read it first.  Dr Meyer presented this technique at Homecoming and had standing room only.  This is a follow-up with pictures for clarification.  Doctors are having amazing results with this technique.  We will probably have to have her back next year for her many additions...
How to treat the Brainstem - follow-up from the Brimhall homecoming 2014
Why treat the brainstem?
          The brainstem's function is about survival.  It is involved with respiration, digestion, emotions, heart rate and arousal.  This treatment works by balancing physiology and many patients have seen great improvement with symptomatic expression of conditions like anxiety and ADHD.  We have also seen success with Raynaud's syndrome, sleep apnea, digestion, and heart rate if the dysfunction is coming from the brainstem.
How to treat the brainstem

1.    With the patient laying down on their back, have the patient look up (you must see the whites of the eyes on the bottom) or down to their belly button and check for weakening of a muscle.  If the muscle weakens, there is an issue affecting the brainstem.

2.    Put the scalar or other laser on brain, unwind or activate setting and slide under the head so it is on the brainstem.

3.    With the eyes in the direction that caused the weakening, you will have to cross check four points in the ear, and 3 traditional acupuncture points to see what is causing the dysfunction.  Treat the acupuncture point at the same time with the ear point if you have two lasers.  If not treat them right behind each other.

a.    ST-36 is for allergies and immune system - is treated with the ear point for allergies and immune system

b.    SP-9 is for detoxification - is treated with ear point for the liver/toxins

c.      CV-17 is for emotions - treat with ear point for limbic system/emotions.

d.    Optional:  SP- 4 for blood flow to the brainstem if there is a history of trauma - treat the emotional point on the ear

4.    With the eyes in the position that weakened them, retest the muscle until it strengthens.  This will demonstrate you have completed the treatment for each point.  You should only need to do this treatment one time.  The most important part of the treatment is to MAINTAIN THE EYES IN THE DIRECTION OF WEAKENING DURING THE TREATMENT.  Watch for the eyes to drift.  When there is a dysfunction, the patient will not like to keep their eyes in the direction of weakening.  If the eyes are not maintained the proper direction, you will probably have to retreat the patient.  You only need to treat one side of the body and ear.
The acupuncture points are treated quickly and easily using the LZR7 (4.5watts) if you have this laser.  You can also use and electrical acupuncture pointer device in the ear and digital pressure on the body acupuncture points if you do not have a laser.  It works really well to have an assistant to treat the ear points while the doctor treats the body acupuncture points.  If you don't have an assistant, treat the body points first, then the ear points.  The whole process takes about a minute or two to complete.

Insights on the other six eye positions:  This is based on NLP or  Neuro-Linguistic Programming.
  Right side is imagination                                                      Left side of the truth or what has happened
          Visualizing                    up to the sides                                Visualizing
          Talking or hearing            Talking or hearing

          Touching                        down to the sides                              Touching
If you notice the order of things, it is how our senses are arranged from top to bottom.  Test to see if there is any weakening in these positions.  You have to really watch the eyes because they will not want to put their eyes in the position of a problem.  This is where you may have to go by history or suggest possible issues with the areas, but you still treat the four acupuncture points in the ear and the body.  These eye positions seem to be effected more by emotions and will take longer to treat on CV-17 and the emotional point on the ear.  Following are some case examples to give you some ideas.

1.      17 year old girl with a history of being adopted at age 2.  Her mother was a severe alcoholic and could not care for her as a baby.  She reacted to all eye directions.    She was on 6 ADHD medications, and rocked in her chair while going over her case history.  Her adopted mother said that she would lie about everything.  Remember, she weakened with the eyes in ALL directions.  Treatment was done to the eyes in the up position and down to the left because her mother did not touch her like she should have been.  This cleared out all the other positions.  She stopped rocking after the treatment and has not done so since the first treatment.  She is also doing her homework and not talking back to her mother or her teachers.

2.    52 year old woman weakened with eyes to the right.  She had called the day before the treatment to tell the staff that her son was in jail because he had killed a family from driving drunk.  She called in advance because she didn't think she could tell me this during the treatment.    She was having trouble telling people the "truth".

3.    Down to the left is very common in women.  It is usually from being touched inappropriately.

4.    36 year old male weakened with eyes down to the right.  He was divorced, but was planning on going to a concert with his ex-wife.  His subconscious wanted to get back together with her, and thus being able to touch and be touched back.
Yours in Health and Wellness,

John W. Brimhall, BA, BS, DC, FIAMA, DIBAK

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