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April 11, 2022 - The Vascular System, Endocrine System, N. Systems and the …


April 11, 2022 Puzzle Piece

The Vascular System, Endocrine System, N. Systems and the …

Harold Harper, DC, when president of a Chiropractic College wrote the book “Anything Can Cause Anything”.  I want to state he is correct, and everything affects everything.  The nervous systems coordinate and control all organs and systems and relates us to our environment.  The fascia surrounds all nervous systems and organs of the body and affects their functioning.  Nutrition affects every aspect of our health and physiology.  It too must be a consideration for health and wellness.  Now you see why the Six Steps to Wellness was born and is necessary in evaluating and treating every patient if you expect success.

Around the same time Chiropractic became a profession, Osteopathy got its start.  DD Palmer said the NS was supreme and Andrew Taylor Still said the blood vascular system was the ruling influence.  Of course, they were both correct.  They are completely connected.  Continual research and scientific discoveries have helped our understanding and effectiveness in treating patients with the blending many concepts and techniques.

Let’s look at Nitric Oxide and other endothelial cell activities to expand this idea of anything can cause anything and everything affects everything in the body.

Endothelial cells attach to the smooth muscles lining the blood vessels with proteins called integrins. These vascular endothelial cells are hormone-like in their nature. They have receptors for all the different hormones in the body, and they can produce growth factors and proteins that change physiology.

All parts of the body are changing constantly, as the brain is plastic in nature, so is the dynamic blood vascular system. This constant changing causes the vascular endothelial cells to release messenger proteins and growth factors to facilitate the delivery of blood, oxygen, nutrients, hormone-signaling agents, immune cells, and other compounds to tissues throughout the body.

The vascular endothelium produces more than 100 key metabolites and growth factors, with more being discovered each year. One of the most studied is endothelial nitric oxide, which increases blood vessel dilation and blood flow, helps blood vessels heal after injury, and has been shown to reverse heart disease and dissolve plaques.

The vascular endothelium produces vascular endothelial growth factor, which helps blood vessels branch into areas where there are needs for increased blood supply. It also releases a vascular cell adhesion molecule, which is important to fight infections and pathogens that infiltrate into the blood vessel system.

As you can see, blood vessels are not just tunnels carrying blood but are dynamic tissue and changing to meet the needs constantly. They function as part of the endocrine system and therefore are damaged by inflammation and all oxidative stress.

Atherosclerosis destroys endothelial cells and their signaling functions. Plaquing becomes a rapidly progressive pathology. Atherosclerosis causes thickening and stiffness of the arteries, with permanent destruction of their vascular endothelial cells.

Diet, nutrition, emotions, toxic accumulation, allergies, sensitivities, electromagnetic pollution, and structural balance supports or inhibits the nervous systems, the vascular system, the endocrine system and all aspects of health and physiological functioning.

All of these variant factors in the Six Interferences, impact all of the cells in the body, including the relationship between endothelial cells, stroke, cardiovascular disease, and maintenance of vascular health, which affects all normal vs. abnormal function and physiology.

The classes we teach on the Six Steps to Wellness cover many aspects of nutritional support. Today let’s just look at a few formulations to consider.

Optimal 1 Digestion- to allow for optimal digestion, assimilation absorption and elimination.  Enzymes also help reverse inflammation.


Optimal Flora Plus- Proper flora are a must for all the systems of the body.  The gut is the Second Brain.  The microbiome is important in every aspect of normal physiology.

optimal1_digestion 2

Optimal Opti-Nitric- Natural most advanced formula to improve cardiovascular health and epithelial function by increasing Nitric Oxide naturally.


Optimal BFF- This Blood Flexibility Formula allows for more oxygen, better lung capacity, warmer extremities, stronger immune system, reduced inflammation, lower cholesterol and overall better blood flow.


Opti-Immune-VRL- Helps the bodies ability to fight against hidden and known infections, including the vascular cell adhesion molecule mentioned earlier in the article and helps balance the immune system.


Come and see us at the Six Steps to Wellness seminar in Phoenix, AZ April 29-30, 2022.  Doug Grant, Dr Marc Harris, Dr Brett Brimhall and I will all be there.

Yours in Health and Wellness,
John W Brimhall, DC, BA, BS, FIAMA, DIBAK


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