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February 14, 2022 - Change Biological Setpoints with “The 6 Steps To Wellness”


February 14, 2022 Puzzle Piece

Change Biological Setpoints with “The 6 Steps To Wellness”

We can literally change our Biological Setpoints by following each of the 6 Steps to Wellness.  In fact, I am hard pressed to believe we can do it any other way for long standing change and improvement.
It is standard to measure blood pressure, blood sugar, pulse-ox, etc.  We do extensive blood tests to measure many values.  The real KEY is the body regulates and keeps itself in balance. If we get too far off, medicine has drugs or surgery to artificially try to regulate us to their determined values.  In Chiropractic School, we were taught the body needs no help, it just needs NO INTERFERENCE.
In natural evaluation and therapy, we monitor physiology and function rather than treat or cover up symptoms and pain.  Symptomatic expression of most types is good physiology or function gone bad. Our goal is to help the body to return to optimal function, health and wellness.
How many ways can a body get out of balance and into dis-ease INTERFERENCE?
  1. Structurally
  2. Nutritionally
  3. Emotionally
  4. Electromagnetically
  5. Become Toxic
  6. Become allergic or react to foods and the Environment
It takes two or three days to teach one how to evaluate and correct all the possible causes, triggers and mediators for each of the 6 categories of interference.  I have been correcting and/or teaching evaluation and corrections for 51 years.
Let’s take an example.  If there is SI pain, right leg radicular pain, limited lower and upper body ROM (range of motion) and frequent headaches, which of the 6 categories could be problematic.  All six could be and probably are involved.  With the Six Steps to Wellness, we teach you how to quickly identify and correct the causes and facilitate wellness.
Applied Kinesiology is one great adjunct to evaluate and treat.  Diet is almost always part of the problem and needs to be evaluated and improved.  Almost everyone needs to have very specific OHS Natural Nutrition support to allow the correction to maintain and to help change the setpoints toward optimal.  If the patients are junking out on sugar, etc., the chances of healing and holding correction are diminished, if not totally eliminated.
Now add emotional stressors and you have guaranteed dysfunction until identified and neutralized.  We will teach you how to rewrite the script for each of the six interferences to achieve optimal balance and set points.

I am teaching the SIX STEPS TO WELLNESS in Phoenix, AZ April 29-30.  The total information will be below.  It is time to review if you have had the work before.  It's also time to have your associates and friends come if they have not mastered the work.


Dear Dr. Brimhall,

As a Chiropractor practicing for over 72 years I wanted to reiterate to you how your training has impacted me and my practice.  At the ripe old age of 94 and still working I incorporate your nutritional teaching and testing procedures every day in my practice with unfaltering success.  Your mentoring has had a profound effect on me and my patients and for this I am extremely grateful and wanted you to know what your career has meant to others.

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Dr. Augustus Reynolds


Optimal Health Systems presents Dr. John Brimhall's

"6 Steps to Wellness" Certification Training Seminar

Phoenix, AZ | April 29-30, 2022

What's in it for you?

  • ​Learn & Become Certified in Dr. Brimhall's 6-Step Method to Holistically Treat Patients & Provide Better Results
  • ​​Build Confidence Within Yourself & Your Clinic
  • ​Network & Connect With Other Holistic Health Professionals
  • ​​​Free Functional Testing Kit per Clinic

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Seating to this seminar is extremely limited as we are only allowing a small group of health professionals to attend in hopes of keeping the learning environment quiet and controlled for audio and visual recording. 
How many attendees will be attending from your clinic? (The more seats you reserve, the cheaper the price per seat.)
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Students, please call Optimal Health Systems to sign up at discounted student rates.
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Yours in Health and Wellness,
John W Brimhall, DC, BA, BS, FIAMA, DIBAK

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