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LZR7 Class IV Laser

Now the most powerful cool laser in the world not only has a third more infrared power, it has a 100mW Red laser added for superficial inflammatory conditions.

New features:

  • 33% more cool power = 33% quicker treatment times
  • Red laser – for superficial inflammatory conditions
  • Adjustable power settings = on sensitive areas power output can be decreased during treatment.
  • Joules per centimeter squared setting – Preset Joules per centimeter squared for depths of 0 – 4.5cm for perfect treatment dose = No more guessing

There are more choices in Laser Probes to choose:

  1. Infrared/Red for 6100mW of cool power,
  2. 100W Super Pulsed,
  3. 1500mW Deep Infrared that is more concentrated for joints, toes, feet, hands and trigger points,
  4. 750mW Deep with Acu-tip for auricular therapy, scar tissue etc.