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Why Certify in the Brimhall Technique?

We need Certified Brimhall Practitioners in every city of every state and province!!!  We urge you to Certify and get the rest of your office staff Certified as well. Brimhall Wellness receives many calls every day for practitioners that are following the Brimhall technique and there is a great shortage of Certified Practitioners.  Some patients must travel 3, 4, even as much as 7 hours one-way for a Certified Practitioner.

Is Certification a One-Time Thing?

Once you are certified, you are required to attend a minimum of one seminar a year and a Re-Certification Seminar every second year to learn these new tests, cutting-edge procedures and related techniques. Your peers have demanded the re-certification process because they want to make sure that when they refer a patient, they will receive the same 6-Steps to Wellness protocol.  Our Brimhall Certified Practitioners that attend at least three Brimhall Seminars per year are on top of their game and are prospering in each and every part of their lives.  I continually get letters, e-mails and cards from Certified Doctors, telling me of the incredible miracles they see in their practices and lives by following the Brimhall 6 Step Protocol. 

How to Qualify for Certification?

The Certification process requires you to have attended a minimum of 3 Brimhall seminars prior to the 4th Certification Seminar. It is highly recommended that these seminars are taken within one year.

The Certification Seminar for new practitioners is held once a year in Phoenix, Arizona. This is a 3 day seminar running from Friday through Sunday. Each attendee is required to pass a practical exam as well as a final written exam. 

Certification seating is very limited so be sure to plan your 2012-13 schedule soon! 

Who Can Certify?  

We certify practitioners of all types in the medical and wellness fields as well as their back office assistants and staff. While you can certify as a DC, MD, LMT, CA, ND, LAc etc., you will only be taught and required to know the techniques that fall within your scope of practice. 

Certification Seminars are designed to and help you to propel your business onward and upward.  It is our goal to help you become the absolute best practitioner you can be.

Let’s move forward together in serving humankind.  Lives are at stake and we have so much to share with you.  We look forward to seeing you very soon!