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December 21, 2020 - Light & Sound - Brain Masterclass - by Patrick K. Porter, Ph.D.

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December 21, 2020 Puzzle Piece

Light & Sound - Brain Masterclass - by Patrick K. Porter, Ph.D.

 Dr Porter’s presentation to the participants Of Homecoming 2021 will find out how stress affects the brain and how light and sound-based therapy health-hacks the cycle. With today’s 24-hour news cycle and the stress it causes, no one is immune to stress, but did you know that all stress is brain-stress?  Find out why it doesn’t matter if your patient’s genetics say they’re at risk for accelerated aging, heart disease, diabetes or even cancer. 

Participants will learn simple steps that are being used in over 2300 clinics around the world as a post adjustment tool to improve patient outcomes. The best part is you can apply these techniques today, take back control, and safely bring health to your nervous system and your patients. This health-hack system will help eliminate stress, which affects the genes of generations to come. Yes, you read that right, recent scientific discoveries show that your stress, or your ability to relax, will affect your future generations. 
Key points
  1. Participants will learn why the 20 mins after an adjustment help the nervous system to Rest, Relax and Reboot.
  2. Discover how to explain Psychoimmunology to your patients for a full mind/body treatment.
  3. Why an at home reboot helps your patients with stress.
  4. The STRESS response and its role in RECOVERY.
  5. Use Hebb’s Law of Learning. 
  6. Discover why the brain is an essential part of therapy and we will show the evidence that 70% of your nervous system is in your head!
  7. BrainTap brain science is proving neuroplasticity with Frequency Following Response”
  8. Learn how We Create Neuroplasticity
  9. Simple steps to being the sleep doctor and triggering the Detox that
    Only Happens During Deep Sleep? 
  10. Discover how binaural beats, binaural tones & Isochronic Tones are the Key to Activating the Brain’s Pharmacy
At HC 2021 we will deliver descriptions of the switch between the survival brain and the thriving brain.
How Technology Affects Our Biology (transcript of Dr Porter TEDx Talk)
Let me prove to you how technology is affecting our biology in a negative way. Most technology puts our brain in survival mode. This means we are not making good decisions. 100 years ago, before all this technology, the average person slept 12 hours a night, in the 80’s 8 hours, 90’s 6 hours. Now 2/3 of America have sleeping problems.
People wake up and their brain is stressed, causing fatigue and inflammation. We have all had the experience where we were heading to bed, we were tired but then a negative text comes in. That text is technology effecting your biology. You immediately shifted from sleep mode to reaction mode. Your sleep preparation was interrupted. And if you record your sleep cycle with a ring or a watch you might see a negative effect on your sleep. While on those nights you were able to wind down, take a warm bath and really relax before bed, you would notice a deeper sleep and awaken with since of purpose and energy.   

I am here to let you know that my entire life's work has been about how technology can improve our biology and how we can use technology to be a benefit to our biology. 
What I have experienced in my life is technology can create a positive effect in one's life. While it is true, we see a lot of technology having a negative effect.  I will prove technology is influencing our biology. I am here to tell you and demonstrate technology exists today that can improve our biology.
Most people don't know how to move their biology with technology, so they're stuck just like if you were driving a car with a standard stick shift that has only one gear and they get stuck. Let's imagine you get bad news in the morning, maybe it's a text, maybe it's a phone call. If you're still talking about that in the evening, you've got a dysregulated brain, or your biology has been hacked. You are stuck in your survivor brain. 

There are many things that are stressing you out. Our biology evolved to only have that type of stress response three to four times a week. But most people in this room probably have that happen three or four times before lunch on Monday. 

Our technology is doing this all day from text messages, emails and social media.  For most people this is like driving up and down the hills in San Francisco. If you are driving a stick shift and you only have one gear it is very difficult to move around the city. Technology doesn’t have to be used like this.  We can use technology to train our biology to act more like an automatic transmission able to down shift if we need to calm down and gear up when we need motivation.  

Before technology humans would shift gears by watching sunsets and taking a walk on the beach. They were doing something good to their biology. It's not just beautiful, it's changing the way the brain functions. They shift their biology to become calm, relaxed, more intuitive, and more creative.  

That's why when we fall in love, we think sunrises, sunsets and long walks on the beach. But it's also true that in these times of technology we can tune LED light to the healing frequencies of the sun and have a direct effect on your biology and help with seasonal affective disorder. We can shift the brain from a depressive state of survival to and expanded state of health and healing by turning on the healing brain. 

This is an inherent part of our psychology. That is we crave getting out of our survival brain and into that flow state the healing brain. Before our current technology, tribes relied on the shaman or the healer of the village.  He would have organized a drum circle. Using sound and movement to get everyone in a kind of out-of-body experience because we inherently, want to get out of our stress.  

We want to get out of that stress brain. We want to get into our healing brain. People sometimes do this in very positive ways, sometimes negative ways. I have spent my whole life researching healthy ways to use technology to myself and my clients in the healing brain.  We can do this with light but also with sound. I discovered there are certain tones that we can use.  Let’s demonstrate that now. 
Even though your conscious mind might not know what that sound is doing to your biology, it is listening to everything and adapting to it. That's why some of you in this room, if you get around really loud noises, you get irritated. But an orchestra playing a series of specific sounds can have a different effect on our biology. Science calls this the Mozart effect and shows that just by playing specific music our brain works better. 
People will pay $100 to $200 to go hear the symphony. It's worth it, and some people will be sleeping during that performance even though it's a hundred-dollar nap. Many do not know how to shift their biology without the technology of sound in the form of music.  

Today, the technology available to each of you can shift the brain into survival or healing and it is as simple as pressing play. To shift your biology into your healing brain, you can use music, specialized tones and/or light at specific frequencies.  We have the technology, right now, to help you get out of that stress brain and into the healing brain.  

When you research life enhancing technology, you will discover as I did, that technology can have a positive effect on your biology. This future technology exists today. You don’t have to be stuck in your survivor brain. You can press play to change with technology and tune into your healing brain and have a positive effect on your biology and life.
It is all up to you.  You can curate your life with technology, you can use technology to shift into your healing brain, or you can let technology control you.
Come and hear Dr Patrick Porter in person January 7-10, 2021 in Phoenix, Arizona.  His whole team with be there to assist in your life changing experiences, along with the other 8 speakers and their support teams.
Patrick Porter, Ph.D.
John W Brimhall, DC, BA, BS, FIAMA, DIBAK
Doug Grant, BS
Marc Harris, MD, ND, Ph.D. (3)
Brett Brimhall, DC, BS
Dennis Harper, DC
Vaughn Cook, OMD
Vic Rathi, Ph.D.
Larry Conner, MBA

Yours in Health and Wellness,
John W Brimhall, DC, BA, BS, FIAMA, DIBAK


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