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November 18, 2019 - Protect Your Brain from Age-Related Brain Atrophy

Protect Your Brain from Age-Related Brain Atrophy

November 18, 2019 Puzzle Piece

Brain atrophy is the loss of brain cells called neurons. Atrophy also destroys the connections that help the cells communicate. It can be a result of many different diseases that damage the brain, including stroke and Alzheimer’s disease. Your brain starts atrophying in your 40s, and then really starts declining by your 70s. It’s a natural part of aging.
One study on “Preservation of Neuronal Number Despite Age-Related Cortical Brain Atrophy in Elderly Subjects Without Alzheimer Disease” showed that “Frontal and temporal neocortical regions had clear evidence of cortical thinning with age, but total neuronal numbers in frontal and temporal neocortical regions remained relatively constant during a 50-year age range. These data suggest that loss of neuronal and dendritic architecture, rather than loss of neurons, underlies neocortical volume loss with increasing age.”
While this is a normal process, how fast your brain atrophies are the real concern. Life expectancy among patients with brain atrophy can be influenced by the condition that caused the brain shrinkage. People with Alzheimer’s disease live an average of four to eight years after their diagnosis.
Top Reasons Your Brain is Deteriorating Faster than Normal
The top two causes of accelerated atrophy are stroke and head injury, like a concussion. A stroke interrupts blood flow to the brain and an injury cannot only leave debris behind but also have lasting effects. Studies on American football players show increasing evidence that even just a minor concussion can have lasting, adverse effects.
Cognitive diseases and disorders are other leading causes of brain atrophy. The most widely known is Alzheimer’s due to the disease damaging brain cells. Cerebral palsy, Huntington’s disease, Leukodystrophies and MS are also major contributors. Each contribute to hampered function, which leads to cell damage and often brain atrophy.
You don’t have to have an injury or disease to experience accelerated deterioration. In 2009, researchers led by Anders Fjell at the University of Oslo, Norway, found that the cortex is found to shrink in patients with mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease.  He also found the brain diminished in older healthy people within as little as one year, without known injury.
As reported in the Journal of Neuroscience, Anders Fjell and colleagues studied 132 elderly adults who took part in the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI). MRI scans showed that over a year, these seemingly healthy elders lost, on average, 0.44 percent of whole brain volume. Most areas of the brain were affected, with the hippocampus and amygdala losing about 1 percent and cortical regions about 0.5 percent.
"This paper makes the very important point that shrinkage and other changes happening in the aging brain are not just caused by Alzheimer's," said William Jagust at the University of California, Berkeley. Common themes from research showed hindered blood flow and hippocampal shrinkage.
Key Brain-Boosting Nutrients
While there is a host of nutrients your brain needs in varying amounts to maintain optimal health and function, there are the big three: omega-3 fatty acids, flavonoids and vitamin E.
Your brain consists of 60% fatty tissue. As people age, nerve cells shrink, the blood supplies to the brain decline, and inflammation is far more common. The brain then produces smaller quantities of key messenger chemicals called neurotransmitters. At some point, communication between cells becomes less smooth and your memory skills suffer.
Also, as you age, nerve cells in your brain have a progressively harder time protecting themselves from free radicals. Almost all fruits, vegetables, and herbs contain flavonoids, which have been found to have many health benefits. Studies show that flavonoids help your brain fight aging by increasing the number of connections between neurons, to disrupting the development of amyloid plaques that clog the brains of Alzheimer's disease patients.
Optimal Fruit and Veggie Plus 

fruit and veggie 2

Vitamin E has powerful antioxidant capabilities. Your brain needs this nutrient. Several studies have found that vitamin E delays the progression of mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease. In a 2014 study published in the American Heart Association’s journal, “Stroke”, researchers found that vitamin E may protect the brain from developing white matter lesions, which have been linked to increased stroke risk, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease.
Opti-Brain contains the big three: omega-3 fatty acids, flavonoids and vitamin E, in addition to so many more research-backed nutrients in therapeutic doses. The older you are the more your brain needs these nutrients.

Opti-Brain also contains:  Bacopa Herb has been shown to have both short-term and long-term effects. In short-term, it boosts brain health, focus and attention. It also levels out anxiety, depression, and regulates dopamine. It has been used in the past to treat memory loss and ADHD.
Choline is an essential nutrient that turns into acetylcholine (the learning neurotransmitter), which leads to improvements in memory and mood.
DMAE is the building block for acetylcholine. Without it, your body wouldn’t receive any signals in the brain or nervous system. It pairs very well with choline.
Huperzine A inhibits an enzyme that degrades acetylcholine. This defense allows for boosts a wide range of functions, including mental clarity, concentration, information retention, and neuroplasticity (meaning your neurons keep on forming new links) by increasing acetylcholine levels in your brain.
L-Theanine is an amino acid extracted from green tea leaves. It quickly increases dopamine and serotonin levels, helping you generally feel happier. L-Theanine has the rare ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, meaning it gets directly into your brain, instead of you having to wait for it to circulate through your system.
L-Tyrosine can help fight symptoms of depression while improving mood, focus, and energy. It might be the answer you need to help you find the motivation to dissipate that dark cloud looming over your head.
Opti-Brain: Keeping Your Brain Young and Full of Vitality
Opti-Brain™ provides the nutrients to improve neuroplasticity. Its ingredients also improve mental clarity, boost ability to focus, improve concentration, increase alertness and energy, raise intelligence, boost memory, and improve mood by increasing dopamine and serotonin levels.
Opti-Brain contains over 20 whole food nutrients and herbs from pure, potent sources, including the afore mentioned six. Through them, you gain focus, mental clarity and cognitive function. But the thing is those ingredients won’t do much if you have any deficiencies in vitamins and minerals needed to absorb them.
We’ve included a balanced blend including Vitamins A, C, B1, calcium, iron, and zinc. All of these are carefully manufactured in a state-of-the-art GMP certified lab, and each batch is tested for purity.
Opti-Brain utilizes a plethora of specialized, highly potent enzymes to predigest the nutrients so that it dissolves quickly in the stomach. The nutrients are taken up through the intestines into the bloodstream and past the blood-brain barrier to be utilized by the brain for optimal effects.
Why do you hear about some people getting phenomenal results from similar products while others don’t get much benefit at all? It comes down to one simple word: DIGESTION. This formula undergoes a patented predigesting process called Opti-Blend™. This guarantees delivery at the cellular level and up to a 300% increase in absorption.
Your brain will usually feel the boost within minutes when your body absorbs our blend of potent ingredients. This could give you the cognitive enhancement you’ve been searching for. It may help you to achieve new levels of focus, memory, alertness, mood, and more.
Dosing: Take 2-3 capsules once daily, or as directed by a health professional.

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John Brimhall, DC, BA, BS, FIAMA, DIBA, & Brett Brimhall, DC, BA – Will teach the 6 Steps to Wellness: They will demonstrate Biohacking with Structural/Fascial corrections, Laser, Allergy/Sensitivity treatment, Nutrition, Detox remedies, and Emotional subluxation clearance. Both doctors will also have hands-on workshops Friday and Saturday. They will teach with power points, lecture, show and tell on how to change the body from dis-ease and dysfunction to health and wellness. Dr Brimhall’s will demonstrate laser, with its functions and indications. They will demonstrate how toxins, nutritional deficiencies/imbalances, stress, allergies/sensitivities can trigger subluxations. Nutrition will be discussed, and body responses will be demonstrated. They will teach the use of instrument adjusting, hands on adjusting and percussion in fascial treatment to correct and prevent subluxations/fixations and dysfunction.

Marc Harris ND, MD, PhD 3 – FRIDAY –(1a) TYPES OF FASTS: Juice, intermittent, water only, dry and religious. (1b) BIOCHEMISTRY: Growth Hormone, Ketones, Autophagy and Cancer.

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Dr Harris’s Methylation Protocol will be referred to throughout the weekend. The doctors will learn the importance and function of methylation, how it affects brain function and its role in conditions such as Alzheimer’s. The doctors will be given an understanding of the perils of heavy metals and environmental toxins, with precautionary methods and treatment.

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David Smaldone, DC – Evaluation, Adjusting and Taping, with a Hands-on Workshop. Dr Smaldone will be teaching the doctors to evaluate, treat and tape such conditions as frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, knee and shoulder problems etc. He will use hands on to demonstrate and correct with adjusting and taping. He will treat and teach with hands on and the doctors for learning how to apply the knowledge.

Doug Grant BS, ACSM – Nutritional research and many new innovations in nutraceuticals. He will have hands on workshops for the doctors to apply the knowledge. Doug Grant will give the research and specifics of many nutritional supports for allowing the subluxations to stay corrected and to teach the doctors how nutrition can support organs, systems and detoxification.

Dennis Harper, DC – Will teach office Integration and increasing the Body’s own Stem Cells. He will cover Clinical Evaluation of previously unresponsive cases. Dr Harper will use slides and demonstrations in evaluation and treatment of the body through better case histories, examinations and advanced treatment protocols. He has served chiropractic for many years defending chiropractors in malpractice claims. He will demonstrate and teach the procedures doctors need to do to prevent injuries to patients and prevent claims against them. He will teach better understanding of triggers, mediators, and underlying causes of persistent pain and dysfunction.

Michael Johnson, DC - is a Board-Certified Chiropractic Neurologist who has been in private practice in Appleton, WI since 1983. He is the author of 4 books on natural protocols for thyroid disorders, fibromyalgia, heart disease, cancer and other chronic conditions. He has taught over 2000 doctors across the country and increasingly is in demand as a coach to chiropractors and medical doctors nationwide. He formed the Neuro-Metabolic Super Group, which is a group of doctors dedicated to the healing and repair of patients with severe and/or chronic health conditions. He has a Q and A group you can join. The details will be discussed at the seminar. He will cover how to get the body to increase stem cells and telomere length. He will teach how to improve hormone function, balance hormones and use genetics along with blood testing and Functional Neurology to improve outcomes.

Vaughn R. Cook, OMD ​- CEO of ZYTO Corporation - Using Nutrition and Technology in your office to evaluate and treat dysfunction! Dr Cook will use slides to teach and demonstrate how emotional stress, nutritional deficiencies, allergies and sensitivities cause vertebral subluxations and recurrence of subluxation complexes.

Tim McPhee​ - is the numbers guy. He helps you look at your assets and liabilities to comes up with a plan that changes your financial future. He is a founding board member of the Estes Valley Partners for commerce and Charter member Estes Valley Economic Development Corporation. He is a Certified Councilor for the Federal Government's Small Business Administration. He is a SBA Teacher/Speaker/Mentor for Colorado's Leading Edge Entrepreneurs Program Speaking & Humanitarian work around the world, Africa, Argentina, Mexico, Alaska, Asia, etc. He has developed, operated, and sold several multi-million-dollar companies.

Caedrynn Conner, MBA​Concepts and strategies of Private Family Financing and Infinite Banking, helping you to take control of your finances and recapture wealth that would otherwise be spent and never seen again. Learn key principles and strategies banks and financial institutions use to generate massive returns. See real life examples of individuals from wide-ranging economic backgrounds create tax-free growth in a risk-free environment, all while their money is compounding at a guaranteed rate of return.

Larry Conner, MBA - on Financial Freedom and Protecting Your Assets.

(Larry is one of my most important Friends and Mentors! Dr John)                                       

  John W. Brimhall, BA, BS, DC, FIAMA, DIBAK  
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Michael Johnson, DC Vaughn R. Cook, OMD Tim McPhee
  Caedrynn Conner MBA  

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