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November 19, 2018 - Dr Harris HC Speaker on Methylation and Emotions

Dr Harris HC Speaker on Methylation and Emotions

November 19, 2018 Puzzle Piece

Learn a NEW Methylation Protocol & testing for genetic SNPs at 2019 Brimhall Homecoming January 4-6, 2019.
This Webinar is highlighting what Dr Harris will cover, in detail, WITH two separate teaching presentations and a three-hour hands-on demonstration in January at HC 2019.  He will cover the latest research on Parkinson’s, Methylation SNP’s, Emotions, the Herpes Virus and much more than we can begin to list.
Click on the link below to hear his webinar presentation.  Below the link is a list of the speakers and topics for Homecoming 2019, “Biohacking Extreme”.

A way to describe an interference is to state, different insults to the patient, that Hijacks normal function.  Biohacking is the solution to correcting interference/s and is the correction for dysfunction.  There are six major categories that hijack health.  Therefore, there must be six major categories of correction.

1.       Structure
2.       Nutrition
3.       Emotions and Stress
4.       Electromagnetic Interference
5.       Allergies and Sensitivities
6.       Toxins, chemicals and poisons

Drs Brett and John Brimhall will teach structural evaluation and correction with manual and instrument Adjusting.  We will also teach the use of the Percussor to free the fascia and allow for optimal cerebrospinal flow and balance of the craniosacral system.  Each of the nervous systems, (Central, Peripheral, Autonomic and Cutaneous), plus everything else in the body is surrounded by fascia.  All interferences block optimal fascial freedom and normal function.  We will demonstrate how to evaluate and treat for speed and efficiency to clear the fascia, viscera manipulation (organs) and subluxation complexes.  We will also teach Muscle Response Testing for nutritional insights and each of the other interferences/corrections in our presentations from the platform and in our workshops.

Dr David Smaldone will teach structural evaluation and correction, along with taping areas of instability, such as shoulders, knees, wrists, spine and plantar fascia etc.  He has done a webinar for you that is available at

Dr Curtis Turchin, an authority on Laser and Light Therapy is an innovator, teacher, inventor and author of LED and laser to Biohack the body to balance structural, emotional, electromagnetic and toxic interferences that were caused by the 6 Interferences yielding hijacking of normal function.  His webinar is available at

Dr Patrick Porter is a PhD in Stress reduction and Brain and Emotional Health.  He will speak twice and have an entire staff to test and treat you the whole weekend.  Please watch and re-watch his webinar we completed last month on how the BRAINTAP System is used to Biohack for restoration of the body from being Hijacked in its present destructive sympathetic drive.  His Webinar and podcast are available also.

Doug Grant, Owner of OHS, athletic trainer, inventor and formulator of patented nutrition will be on the program mornings and afternoons to demonstrate how to Biohack with whole food, predigested nutrition (that is predigested with plant enzymes) to create increased health and renewed function.  We will release Opti-Heart, Opti-Lungs and Opti-GI that contain pre-digested glandulars at Homecoming.  OHS is the only company that predigests glandulars, which has up to 300% more usability by the body.  His pre-homecoming webinar is available on

Marc Harris, ND, MD, PhD, PhD, PhD will do the ultimate demonstration in his workshop on how to evaluate genetic SNP’s that affect methylation, along with the treatment to change the epigenetic functionality with the OHS nutrition he formulated.  His formulations contain the nutriceuticals in the quantity and quality to get the changes needed both up and downstream.  This muscle testing procedure is a compilation of his reading (therefore memorizing) 15,000 pages of genetic material.  He did many 23 and Me profiles and other testing to develop this Biohacking treatment to an exacting step by step procedure.  He will also be covering the most current research and possible solutions on Alzheimer’s, brain chemistry, Tau Protein, mercury, neuritis, hormones, detox, ketones and the herpes virus connection. His pre-homecoming webinar is Wednesday November 7, 2018 7:00 MST and will be recorded for your review.  Call Jason at 480-964-5198 if you do not have the signup for this webinar in your inbox.

Vaughn Cook, OMD, the CEO Of the ZYTO corporation and developer of EVOX will teach and demonstrate all weekend on how to test for nutritional deficiencies and toxicities with the ZYTO technology.  Dr Cook and his team will also use the EVOX, which can test, using your voice, to evaluate and treat stressed areas in your body and life.  The EVOX is used to Biohack what has been Hijacked, allowing for improved function and perceptions after treatment. 

Dennis Harper, DC will demonstrate how he uses his integrated knowledge and practice to evaluate a patient in 5 minutes with his chiropractic exam.  This allows him to determine which areas have been Hijacked and what to use to Biohack for improvement.  He uses Chiropractic adjustments, therapies such as the PEMF, Biological Allograph injections and OHS’s Opti-Stem Cell nutrition to increase the bodies own stem cells.  He normally teaches three days seminars and will blow you away with the one hour he has on stage. He will be there all weekend at his booth for questions, demonstrations and answers.

Brent Kesler, DC will cover financial freedom and how to protect your assets.

Larry Conner, MBA will also be on hand to expand on your understanding and accumulation of financial freedom and how to further protect your assets.

Tim McPhee, Marcy Predmore, and Larry Conner are my mentors in this arena and is why I share their insights with you.

How could anyone pass up this opportunity to hear, see and experience what we have assembled for you at Homecoming 2019?  This seminar is the ultimate in knowing why and how you have been Hijacked.  Natural Biohacking may not only be the best answer, maybe it is the only answer in some cases?

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This next annual 2019 Brimhall Homecoming will start your new year out right!
Doctor/Family Treating and Brimhall Certification begins Thursday, Jan 3rd from 6-8pm.
Classes and Workshops will start Friday, Jan 4th, 8am.

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The Presenters for Homecoming 2019

  John W. Brimhall, BA, BS, DC, FIAMA, DIBAK  
Brett Brimhall, DC Marc Harris ND, MD, PhD Patrick Porter, PhD
David Smaldone, DC Doug Grant, BS, ACSM Dennis Harper, DC
Curtis Turchin, DC, MA Vaughn R. Cook, OMD Tim Mcphee
  Marcy Predmore  

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Yours in Health and Wellness,
John W Brimhall, DC, BA, BS, FIAMA, DIBAK, Formulator and Patent holder.

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