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2018 Homecoming Videos Now Available!

March 26, 2018 Puzzle Piece



Homecoming 2018 covered HEALTH CARE from an INTEGRATED APPROACH. That means the latest techniques, nutrition and equipment, utilizing laser, genetics, mitochondria, degenerative causes, facts, figures, stem cell nutrition and Biological Allograph use, with statistics and solutions.

We showed how to use allied professionals to maximize your results and your income if you choose.

Dis-ease does not have a single cause only. There are six causes, triggers and mediators of dysfunction:
Structure (spinal, cranio-sacral, extremity, fascia, acupuncture, organ or visceral etc.) Nutritional concerns with the latest research and advanced formulations and solutions Electromagnetic Imbalances from cell phones, power lines and acupuncture meridians Emotional Stressors and manifestations Allergies/Sensitivities Toxins from contaminated food, water, air, perfumes, insecticides, defoliates, makeup, glyphosates etc., etc., etc. With Detox solutions from several disciplines demonstrated.

John Brimhall DC, BA, BS, FIAMA, DIBAK - (Covered)

BIOHACKING to correct the HIJACKING of your Patients Health. THE CORRECT AND COMPLETE STRUCTURAL ADJUSTING and PERCUSSION FASCIA RELEASE Identifying and correcting the Hijackers
Putting all the Pieces of the Health Puzzle TOGETHER with or without Office and Practice Integration!

Marc Harris, ND, MD, PhD, PhD, PhD - (Covered)

Class 1: STEM CELLS (The Fountain of Youth) Nutrition and Biological Allograft Support when Indicated. 
Class 2: Methylation Malfunction and SNPS – one of the underlying causes of almost all YOUR complicated cases.  Understanding, evaluation and treatment, utilizing genetics, muscle testing and OHS naturally methylated nutrition where indicated.
Class 3: Optimal Natural Cancer Prevention and what he would do to treat his family.

Patrick K. Porter, PhD - (Covered BrainTap Technology)

How Thoughts & Technology Activate the Brain’s Healing Pharmacy.                 
Proven technology to reverse the causes and effects of STRESS & DIS-EASE.
It doesn’t matter the diagnosis or physiology if you don’t have answers for the causes.

Doug Grant BS,  Nutritionist/ Formulator - (Covered)

Treating a #1 cause of vertebral subluxation re-occurrence. Learn why muscle loss
(SARCOPENIA) can hurt your patient, your reputation and what you can do about it.
Best Fat loss research in decades.  4% body fat loss,12 weeks, 1 pill  
Professional trainer and nutritionist in your patient’s pocket
Brain is a terrible thing to waste. Learn nutrients to boost function.
Why do many of your patients not take supplements or quit the supplement protocol within weeks?  Research shows why and the new custom pak program fixes problem while creating patient compliance and office product income for life.
Gluten intolerance, GMO allergies, Dairy gut issues, Soy concerns, Plant based patients, Celiac disease, and
any gastrointestinal issues?  Research based answers and patient solutions.
Cleansing  -- What to use for every patient

Brent Kesler, DC - (Covered)

Individual evaluation and recommendations for increasing PERSONAL WEALTH.

Dennis Harper, DC - (Covered)

The Chiropractor's Role in Integrative Medicine.  How to use auxiliary personal to increase outcomes and the ability to help your patients to an even greater level. Many facts, tips and techniques shared.

Brett Brimhall, DC - (Covered)

CA and New Doctor Training: Muscle testing, reflex testing, VibraCusssor© & ArthroStim©
HANDS ON - Basic Protocols of the Six Steps to Wellness.
Prevent Health Hijacking and use Natural BIOHACKING to prevent recurring subluxations.  How he uses OHS Nutrition and Dr Porter’s Brain Tap Tech to allow stress, anxiety, depression and dysfunction to diminish.

Larry Conner - (Covered - but not recorded)

Using TRUSTS and Private Family Foundation – for asset allocation and wealth protection

Brandy Brimhall CPC, CMCO, CCCPC, CPCO, CPMA - (Covered)

Medicare has made big changes for 2018 that you'll need to know about to stay in their good graces and to get paid!  Important updates for cash practices, insurance billing, appeals and much more.  Let's take a look at the "low hanging fruit" for healthcare audits and reviews and what your practice can do (cash or insurance) to minimize risk!
Your chiropractic business consists of many moving parts - scheduling, fees, HIPAA Privacy & Security, OIG, OSHA, coding, billing, collections, training, and the list goes on.  
There are critical need-to-know and need-to-do elements that you must periodically address in your practice to keep each part of the business moving as it should.  Let's look at the 2018 hot topics and a series of checklists and training to help get your practice on the right track and keep it there!

Dennis Pick, DC - (Covered)

Basic Concepts of Bio Craniopathy - The cranial-sacral mechanism is a tremendous additional technique to health and wellness.

Jonathan Walker, DC - (Covered)

How to create the most efficient and profitable single doctor office using the power of niches.
How to strategically set up a multidisciplinary practice to increase patient outcomes and doctor income.
How to run multiple offices with efficient systems to achieve the ultimate level of personal and financial freedom.

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Now Available!

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Yours in Health and Wellness,
John W Brimhall, DC, BA, BS, FIAMA, DIBAK, Formulator and Patent holder.

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