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January 31, 2022 - If you missed HOMECOMING 2022, YOU MISSED A LOT! START WITH EMF’S


January 31, 2022 Puzzle Piece


Unless you were at Homecoming 2022, you cannot understand the Love, Appreciation, Healing and Progression those that were there felt.  We not only saw people get better right before our eyes, but doctors expressed how the “Six Steps” and incredible natural nutrition has saved lives and improved life and practices for 10-20-30 + years.  I have been treating and teaching now for over 50 years.
One doctor shed tears how he had got sidetracked and off the path of the “Six Steps” and now felt remorse.  He was taken back watching Dr Brett and Dr John treating one person after another in the workshop to incredible results.  His tears were for what he could have done and had lost site of the joy in helping others.  He promised to pick up the torch and serve humanity at the level he saw demonstrated.
Each speaker was spot on and inspired all that saw and heard.  Dr Patrick Porter, Dr Vaughn Cook, Dr Brett Brimhall, Brandy Brimhall, CPC, CPCO, CCCPC, CMCO, CPMA, Larry Conner (who besides all his business degrees, has finished his Doctor of Divinity), Dr John and Doug Grant, BS, ACSM.
Most of the conference we recorded and can be purchased through OHS at 800-890-4547.
Since Doug Grant and OHS has taken over the seminars, the bar has risen over our heads.  We so appreciate all that spent the time, hours, and dollars to give us transformational change through not just a seminar but a healing experience.  A special thanks to our team, my wife Susy Brimhall, Jason, Solitaire and the many, many hours of Doug’s and the OHS team.  The sound and audiovisual company OHS uses is an inspiration itself.  A huge thanks to them.
The proceedings were recorded by the incredible sound and audiovisual team and can be purchased
Let’s shift gears and teach some corrective technique.
A doctor writes Monday of this week:
I missed the homecoming this year, uggggg.
My wife goes weak when the total shield is turned on and weak with all the settings. How do you clear someone when they go weak with it on? I'm sure you clear it with a laser somehow. Any input would be appreciated.
Dr John’s Answer:  I did cover this at Homecoming 2022.  You can order the videos of HC from OHS.
In the meantime,

Many people are becoming so sensitive to EMF’s that even the equipment that protects them, can cause them to go weak and yield symptoms.  The Total Shield protects us and should be running 24/7 in our homes and offices.  Call Jason at 480-964-5198 with any questions.
Have the patient stand 20-30 yards from the Total Shield and utilize an arm group muscle test to see if it weakens when in proximity of the unit.  If not at 30 yards, have them step closer to see if they weaken at any distance.
If they never get muscle weakness any distance from the shield, then they can use the protection and enjoy it benefits, which are many.  5G have made the Total Shield a necessity in my home and practice.
If the patient weakens at any distance, start at the furthest distance that causes weakness and treat at that spot.
To treat, test to see if OHS Opti-Brain or Opti-Heart strengthen them.  If so, have them take 1-3 per day of the strengthening nutrient.  Opti-Mito-Force should be tested as well to see if their mitochondria are compromised.  You check this by testing a muscle ten times in a row.  It should stay strong for each test.  MANY DO NOT.  If they weaken to this test, have them take an Opti-Mito and you will see them strengthen immediately.  Have them take 3 per day and retest each time they come in.
Second, laser their heart front and back, their brain on all lobes and the center of the head or corpus collosum (the white matter where the right and left brain meet).  Treat each area for 15 seconds and finish at the brain stem just below the occiput.
They will strengthen with this treatment.  Then have them take a few steps closer until they weaken again to the Total Shield and repeat the treatment until they strengthen once more.
Continue the procedure each time they show weakness until they are right in front of the Total Shield and stay strong.
I have seen this work every time I have used it, which is over 50 times.  This can help many symptomatic expressions.
Also be aware OHS now has Opti-Female, opti_female_sm
a glandular product that should give you assistance with most female imbalances.
OHS also has a Glandular Z-Pak that is the best immune system builder I have ever seen. 

zpak_smTry it and let me know.


Yours in Health and Wellness,
John W Brimhall, DC, BA, BS, FIAMA, DIBAK

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